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New Song - Two Souls is OUT NOW!

Matilda Gracia's new song Two Souls is OUT NOW.


"This is a love song, with an unusual slant", Matilda explains.  "Focusing on the deep connection between 2 people, the merging of souls, a brand new love, yet one that is so familiar, so comforting ... as if that connection comes from a spiritual past or a life lived before".


"This can be romantic love", she adds, "or a friendship, the spotlight is on the deep primal bond between 2 people. I think of a love that travels through time, pure energy that cannot be created or destroyed".


Matilda releases this self-produced alternative pop song recorded with friends in the studio, self produced and then mixed and mastered by Paul Stanborough, who has previously worked with the late Tina Turner and Kyle Minogue, to name but a few. 

With powerful vocals, emotive guitars, longing cellos, ethereal piano lines and a hauntingly catchy vocal hook that will keep you engaged from start to finish, Matilda captures the emotion of the listener. 


This is the first song of Matilda’s next EP exploring love, introspection, empowerment & creativity. Due to come out early next year. 

New Song - Orpheus is OUT NOW!

Matilda´s new single "Orpheus" is her interpretation of the tragic love story between the mythological characters of Orpheus and Eurydice.

This hauntingly beautiful song is dark and cinematic, reflecting the achingly acute pain of a love forever lost.

Following Matilda`s September release of "Two Souls", Orpheus is the second song in a series of singles that will form part of her upcoming EP, due to come out next year.


Orpheus, the god of music, betwitches Eurydice with his enchanting meolodies and they fall deeply in love. The untimely death of Eurydice sends Orpheus into a spiral of deep despair, and he pleads with the god of the underworld to release his hold on her. However, the only condition is that he must lead Eurydice into the light without once looking behind to steal even a mere glimpse of her. On the last few steps Orpheus loses faith that she is following him, turns his head and she is lost to him for all eternity. Matilda`s heart wrenching interpretation of this tragedy is reflected in her song, drawing a parallel between it and the story of the narrator`s lost love.


About me

Hi, my name is Matilda Gracia. I’m a half Spanish half Irish independent Singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. 

I like mixing catchy melodies with topics that matter, with the goal to connect to others. I write about introspection, female empowerment and other wonders of the human existence. 

 My biggest influences are modern artists like Amy winehouse, Billie Eilish and KT tunstall to 60's/70's artists like Carole King, Nina simone and David Bowie.

Since moving to London there have been a few highlights; including supporting Spanish Indie rock band on a UK tour, performing in iconic venues such as Notting hill Arts club and Electric Ballroom, making a guest appearance on Andertons live sessions and working with record label Dreamscope media group. I'm currently recording my next EP, studying a Master's in Songwriting and performing in London.

More Original music


Rising Sun

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