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"Back to nature, where I feel the most comfortable" 2019.

Where it all began.


I was born in Carlingford, a small town in Ireland, in the summer of 1996.   At the age of 2, my parents, my older brother and I,  moved to Mallorca, Spain,  which I ended up calling my home for the next 16 years.  


I grew up in a multilingual household, where we spoke Spanish, English and Catalan, with an Irish mother and a Spanish father.  Speaking different languages from a young age has definitely shaped the way I think and communicate. 

I had a pretty good childhood, my parents were (and still are) very loving, kind and hardworking people and I have learnt so much from them.  I grew up amongst the sea and the mountains in Mallorca. This is probably why I now feel so connected to nature.

Family on sailing boat.jpeg.jpg

"Our home on the sea, Maya" 1998.


"My first performance in London" . 2014



Hello there, my name is Matilda Gracia. I’m a Spanish/Irish independent singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, videographer & creative.  I’m passionate about travelling, eating plant powered goodness & spending quality time with my friends and family.

I moved to London 5 years ago and during this time I have grown so much:

From my first ever time busking (in the busy streets of London no less) to performing in various venues all around the UK and even going on my first tour as a supporting artist.

Volunteering for Erasmus in supporting and working with mentally disabled adults in Italy.

Backpacking around South-East Asia and of course, through all of this also dealing with the hurdles and speed-bumps that life has to offer. 

On this journey so far, I’ve learnt a few things; The importance of self love and using positive language, the power of believing in yourself and being your own best friend, as life isn’t always easy. I’ve found with the right tools and a good mindset, anything can happen!  Music, in particular,  has been one of the biggest tools I have found to express myself, to heal and to grow. 

I would like to share my perspective on past experiences as a woman going through life— Working in the music industry, travelling and exploring new places, and documenting my inner journey— I hope to inspire you to live your best life! 


If you are here to listen to music or take a look at any of my other creative content,  I welcome You and Thank You for being here. 











Kids learning to dive.jpeg.bmp

" It's never too early to dive right in" (My brother and I, early 2000's)

My musical journey.

From a young age I always wanted to be creative and I found myself drawn to music in particular. 

I tried piano first and then fell involve with Classical Spanish guitar. I studied music theory and classical guitar for 5 years in the auditorium of music of Alcudia, Mallorca.


In my teenage years I had the urge to express myself in a new way and that is when I started songwriting and singing. This was a game changer for me. Over the years I have had very inspiring teachers and mentors and for that, and the opportunity to study music, I am very grateful. 


At the age of 15 I started singing and playing guitar professionally in hotels in the north of Mallorca.

I still remember arriving on my bike to my first hotel looking for work. I didn’t have any experience but I was so determined to get work doing what I loved!  After many failed attempts, I finally got my first job as a performer.  This network grew and two summers later I had been working in various hotels all around the North of Mallorca. 


When I finished my A levels I was so unsure of what to do. Even though I did an arts and music Bachillerato (A levels) all my friends went off to study non creative fields as music wasn’t seen as a real option for a career. 


My passion for music was too strong and I knew I had to try. So, after a heart to heart with my parents, I decided to move to London in the pursuit of making music. 



I have lived in London now for 5 years.  In this time I studied and graduated (with honours) a bachelor degree in Music (Contemporary performance specialised in vocals). 

I have been in different bands, met some amazing people and I’ve had the opportunity to really work on my craft as a musician, a singer, a songwriter and recently as a teacher also. And this is only The beginning!


I have also lived by myself for the first time, felt anxious, scared, not good enough and been faced with past trauma. 

Most of us have gone through or will go through some sort of trauma in our lives and that can stop you from living to your full potential. We all want to succeed but maybe lack the knowhow  and the tools to do so. 

Making music is one of my biggest passions. My other big passion is helping others.

Although I am so young, I feel as if I have learnt so much so far on my inner journey and I want to share all of my findings with you alongside my self-help pop music. 


I have also learnt how amazing this world can be and anything is possible with a shift in mindset!

I  believe there is strength in vulnerability and healing in sharing. 

I invite you to Join me!  Let’s overcome the past, live in the present and create an amazing future, together!


Thank you for sharing your life with me! 

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